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Thread: Run to the North, FR (IC)

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    Such a dry joke

    As Quin turns toward the plainsman, Aust sits up straight and says,

    "Aw come on Quin! Gotta say where you're from at least. I mean where does one get eyes like those?"

    Scraps quickly sends Aust feelings and images that could be translated into

    Master I don't this is the best idea, he could clearly wipe the floor with you.

    Nonsence! I'm being witty and sociable. Aust thinks back

    Like you were with that half-orc yesterday?

    Half-orcs just don't have a sense of humor.
    Aust thinks as he nurses his split lip.

    Realizing he was having a mental coversation with his familiar in public surrounded by strangers, Aust straightens up again and smiles broadly at Quin.
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