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    Default Re: [Embodiment of Song] The Lost Cathedral of Aerin'al Hauri [WIP]

    "...and suddenly, my eyes were opened. I saw the hand of Aerin'al moving the threads of my life in subtle ways, leading me to this point. In that moment, all of my blind reverence for Obad-Hai fled and I felt dwarfed by the glorious skies..."
    --The Testimony of Freidmonte, Half-Elf Ranger and Recent Convert

    To discover information about the Lost Cathedral, a DC 35 Gather Information check must be made in a libarary with access to ancient historical accounts or mythologies. Beating the DC by five or more reveals the need to be in the Hauri Kingdom or another piece of information pertinent to finding the temple.

    Dedicated study of the legends of Aerin'al Hauri reveals that the only known method of intentionally gaining entry into the Labyrinth is to show humility before the goddess of the skies herself while in her favored domain. It is not detailed in any history how one is supposed to do this but a Bardic Knowledge or Knowledge (History) check that beats a DC 30 will reveal that the latest successful expedition to the labyrinth started when a team of dwarven archaeologists turned prized documents about the history of the Hauri Palace over to the Church of Aerin'al free of fee or obligation. Other examples include bringing fugitive enemies of the church to the goddess' avatars for judgment, arranging peace between the Hauri Kingdom and one its opponents and genuine conversion.

    Within a week after the proper respects have been paid, an old raptoran female will approach one of the party's members with an odd riddle. The answer to the riddle is irrelevant; what matters is how the individual treats the raptoran.
    • If he treats her kindly, the party will awaken the next day in the middle of the Aerin'al labyrinth and unbeknownst to them, with a +2 sacred bonus to their AC and saves which lasts as long as they remain in the labyrinth.
    • If he treats her with indifference, the party awakes the next morning on an outer edge of the labyrinth with a -1 penalty to their saves and AC.
    • If he refuses to answer the riddle or treats her harshly, the party awakens in the labyrinth with a -2 penalty to all saves and AC and between two hostile camps of creatures. Each camp has an overall CR of two higher than the party's average ECL. Furthermore, the offending individual must make a Fort save every day while in the labyrinth or take one point of Constitution damage (to a minimum of 1) which cannot be healed magically nor naturally until he leaves the labyrinth.
    A Knowledge (Religion) check that beats a DC of 25 reveals that raptorans are the favored race of Aerin'al and that most clerics of the goddess are raptorans.

    Despite these intensive measures, several parties have unexplainedly found themselves in the Labyrinth. A DC 35 Knowledge (History) check will reveal that each of these "lucky" parties had at least one devout practitioner of Olidamarra in them. No one knows how or why Olidamarra chooses the parties he sends into the Labyrinth but it is hinted that experienced temple raiders are more likely to fall victim the Laughing God's whim.
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