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I agree on the fact that the cleric seems to know the password (wanted to point it, but got ninja'd. Ratz!). Probably, he knows the "default" password, that if working would means that lawful caster are dumb, too.

Now, everything brings to Belkar start kicking asses, with great fans joy. But question: what can give Haley and Celia to Belkar, after refusing to pay for healing him on the first chance, that the Guild can't double on the spot?
That's an interesting question, even though I've always had the feeling that Belkar isn't *buyable*, but quite psychotic instead. So he might just want to start kicking arses instead of just letting himself be bought. Probably, he would just take the money THEN kick them for just thinking he could be bought...

Also, do anyone else think that
if belkar gets healed and starts saving the day with his daggers, that would be the "glorious" moment preceeding his death? I can see him becoming a hero in front of the ladies, having *his moment* as the ultimate shoeless god of war, and then die in some important way (like sacrificing himself - probably unwillingly - to let Roy be raised)...