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-- Wizards, (cloistered) clerics, archivists, and artificers exist. However, adventuring characters of these classes do NOT exist: they're too busy studying in their towers/churches/libraries/laboratories to adventure, and as such are not available as player characters. They may be encountered as allies, enemies, or other. They (rarely) may join the party temporarily, but afterwards they will return to their respective hide-outs.

-- Druids may choose to either have an animal companion (no wild shape) or take the PHBII shapeshift variant. Those who wish to have an animal companion AND be able to change into animals (as the iconic druid archetype often does), we will negotiate some spells to produce this effect. They cast spells spontaneously, based on wisdom, using the spells known/spells per day chart of a favored soul.

-- Favored soul spell save DCs are based on charisma--no more dual casting abilities for them.

-- Melee characters are encouraged to use the Tome of Battle in creating their characters or use re-balanced versions of classes (subject to approval; there are dozens floating around and I'm open-minded about them). This is not required, but if a character finds themselves falling behind, I am not responsible for the consequences.

-- I will gladly give optimization advice to any who aren't adept in such matters. Possibly unbidden, but always when asked.

The barring the full caster classes might not go over well with the players and will probably draw more flak than encouraging ToB. If you want that to be their justification for not adventuring, you need to make it mechanical so it doesn't feel ENTIRELY like a GM fiat. (unless, of course, your players are the sort who can be understanding, then no problem) i.e. wizards/clerics have their responsibilities that really does tie them down to their respective institutions.

i.e. a tower whose entire structure is supported by magic and requires that mages come in everyday and pour a certain number of their arcane powers into it. (represented by having them expend spell slots) this means that most days, their spell cache is already drained and they really wouldn't be all that useful except as guides or source of knowledge.