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Thread: How would you react to these houserules?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elliott20 View Post
    well, paradox, none of your houserules I think would break the game for me, per se. So, just saying it MIGHT be a problem with players who want to play prepared casters.

    I do think people have a point with the SADs though. I wonder what you'd do to change up the paladin and the other half-casters.
    If by "half-casters" you count casters focused in a specific type of magic, like bard, beguiler, dread necromancer, and so on, they generally get class features that help them catch up in usefulness; I generally don't consider them to be in need of change.

    If by "half-casters" you mean classes like ranger, paladin, and others that are melee characters with a side of gimped casting, I think most archetypes represented by those in core are better represented by ToB classes--or at least make up a lot of ground with an appropriate dip level or two. Also, they would fall under the "use re-balanced version" clause of point five. Paladins, for example, get to choose between this or this.
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