I have to admit, #602 - and I didn't want to post this - left me rolling my eyes a bit and wondering "how long will this drag out?"

Now with #603, I feel newly invigorated! This comic just KICKED ASS. I *loved* Haley's quickly-made-up plan, I loved her taking charge and the thoughtful way she implemented the plan. I loved her moment of regret over knowing the people she would fight and her quick change of heart about it when it hit her about just how well she really does know these people.

But, all in all, the BEST part is that I see light at the end of the tunnel, and hope that the Order will finally be together again as a group. Perhaps sans V at the moment, but hey! If we can get Roy resurrected, and get Roy/Haley/Belkar/Celia (yeah, I'll include her at this time) back with Elan and Durkon, then I'll call it a win right now!!!

Anyway...great job, Giant. And yeah, I'll include 602 in that compliment, since it set up 603. Which is part of the fun, right?

And yeah...I like the cleric. I hope he's not TOO temporary. If he filled in V's spot on the team for a while, I wouldn't mind it too much. Still, I would love to see V back before too long. In the real world, groups split up and change over time...but this is fiction, and the focus of the story is on this group. I'd rather it be more like the Peanuts with a largely unchanging (possibly expanding) cast of characters. And less like the Justice League, with its rotating cast of changing (and sometimes forgettable; anyone else remember Vibe besides me?) characters.