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I thought Haley was being unnecessarily mean and preachy when she initially refused to have Belkar de-cursed. After all, she didn't know whom he killed and why - and, his personality nonwithstanding, most of the time he killed someone in the recent past it was a bad guy.
Really the only people Belkar's killed in the "recent past" was a hobgoblin, a gnome trader and the Oracle - and Haley knows whoever Belkar killed must have been at the Oracle's place, since that is where he became ill, ergo that is where his mark activated.

And in the case of the first two neither of them were planned and certainly highlighted in Haley's eye how little control she really had over him.

But now she's just being stupid. She should have him healed ASAP, even if it was just to prod him towards the front line as a makeshift meatshield. (Belkar, with his proven singleminded destructiveness, would probably not even notice, much less mind, it.)
I don't think so, she seems to have a plan, and a fairly pragmatic one at that. Belkar, being Belkar, could be a dangerous variable. Sure, he probably would happily kill the thieves. Afterwards? Chaotic evil, unpredictable Belkar in evil city with no MoJ or Roy to control him?

At the very least he's safe where he is.