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    I loved the strip.
    I think everything went pretty cool and I loved Celia`s drawing of the old Durkon on the wall.

    I do to wonder if the message may be messed with, specially with the guild gets in the room while he is casting it and somehow disrupt the spell.

    Im also wondering if:

    Haley and Celia are surrounded. they are both wounded. badly. Then the big boss cames along. And when they think its their end... V shows up, looking like hell (perhaps literally) to save the day and kills everyone. (except for celia and haley).
    After all we do not know what V has been doing for the past 8 days and if he indeed made any contracts with the imp.

    It would also be great because at first, haley perhaps wouldn`t notice the crazy-evil thing going on with V - he saved her after all - but when se goes hug him... se realizes how twisted her friend has become.

    Oh good moments
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