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    Here's what I've made of Echidna so far. I hope you don't mind that I just went and made something before you even told me.

    Only stated out so far, but this is what I've got so far.


    Racial Traits

    Average Height: 3'0"-3'6"
    Average Weight: 60-80 lb.

    Ability Scores: +2 to any one
    Size: Small
    Speed: 6 squares
    Vision: Normal

    Languages: Common, choice of one other
    Natural Climbers: Echidnas gain a +5 to any athletics check involving climbing.
    Born Fighters: Echidnas treat their fists and feet as weapons that they are proficient with, with a proficiency bonus equal to their strength or dexterity modifier. Once this is chosen, it cannot be changed. These unarmed attacks also count as weapons for the sake of powers.

    Their unarmed attacks also deal extra damage by this table.
    1d6 (Heroic)
    1d8 (Paragon)
    1d10 (Epic)

    Slow Descent: Echidnas can glide with a descent speed of thirty feet per round provided they have time to react to the fall and assume the proper form. They move up to half their speed and can only make 45 degree changes in direction with each move action. As such, echidnas rarely fall to their deaths.

    Unarmed Fighter
    Echidna, Wis or Cha 13
    Benefit: When fighting with your fists and feet alone, unfettered by armor (even cloth) and shields, you may add your will defense stat (Cha or Wis mod) as well as your reflex defense stat (Dex or Int Mod) to AC.

    Finesse Combat
    Echidna, Dex 13
    Benefit: You can treat your fists and powers (only when using your fists with powers that have the weapon descriptor) as attacks that use dex as the attack stat.

    Prerequisite: Echidna
    Benefit: Echidnas are prepared for the worst. Echidnas granting combat advantage do not give a bonus to hit and sneak attacks made against them deal one less damage per die rolled (of sneak attack damage).

    Prerequisite: Echidna, Con 14
    Benefit: You gain the use of the Reversal Power.

    Someone tries to move you, but you say that's no good!
    Immediate Interrupt

    Target: Enemy who uses a bull rush, slide, push, or anything of the sort on you.
    Effect: You push the creature in the opposite direction it was attempting to push you.

    The Echidnas are a proud race of humanoids with varying talents. Naturally capable of self defense due to societal training and instinct, a few even have physical traits that embody this. Spiked fists are a trait held by a few, though many are known to have powerful arms and legs even without that trait. Echidnas are known to be traditional creatures who will resort to anything to protect and uphold what they see as sacred. There are the occasional few that break this mold, realizing how easy a trait it is to exploit, but they are uncommon.

    They often have fur in various shades of red, including orange and pink, though other colors are assumed to be possible.

    Echidnas tend to a variety of classes, but often embrace the warrior like traditions of their people regardless of their career choice. They are known to practice ancestor worship principally.
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