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Thread: 4E Does what Nintendon't (Race, PEACH)

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    After reading what was said, I made some changes.


    Racial Traits

    Average Height: 3'0"-3'6"
    Average Weight: 60-80 lb.

    Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
    Size: Small
    Speed: 6 squares, Climb 3 Squares
    Vision: Normal

    Languages: Common, choice of one other

    Slow Descent: Echidnas can glide with a descent speed of 6 squares per round provided they have time to react to the fall and assume the proper form. They move up to half their speed forward and can change direction only once per round (but can turn straight around easily).

    Born Fighters: To the last breath, Echidnas stand tall against their foes. They have the following racial power:

    Last Stand
    Pushed to the limit, you call upon an energy that few others consider possible.
    Daily Power
    Minor Action

    Target: You
    Requirement: You must be down to your surge value in HP or lower.
    Effect: You can spend a healing surge.

    Heroic Tier

    Energy Sense
    Echidna or Wis 15
    Benefit: You have a knack for detecting energies from mystical sources. The Master Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds, for example, are powerful items that affect your sixth sense. Typically, if you have line of effect to an Emerald or item you can pinpoint it and you have a general awareness of the locations of power sources within 200 feet. More powerful sources (Chaos and Master Emeralds, as well as higher level magic items) may extend this range.

    (needs work, of course. Range stuff is iffy. This, however, can become quite powerful. Might be unbalanced when you consider how powerful these items can be.)

    Shake it Off
    Echidna, Con 13
    Benefit: When you use Last Stand, you can make a saving throw.

    True Willpower
    Benefit: You gain the following power.

    True Willpower
    You steel yourself against attacks on the mind. Nothing will move you from your cause.
    Encounter Power

    Target: One target creature
    Requirement: Target hits you with a power that attacks your will defense or succeeds on a bluff check against you.
    Effect: You force a reroll of the attack or bluff check. They take the reroll's result.

    The Echidnas are a proud race of humanoids with varying talents. Naturally capable of self defense due to societal training and instinct, a few even have physical traits that embody this. Spiked fists are a trait held by a few, though many are known to have powerful arms and legs. Echidnas are known to be traditional creatures who will resort to anything to protect and uphold what they see as sacred. There are the occasional few that break this mold, realizing how easy a trait it is to exploit, but they are uncommon.

    They often have fur in various shades of red, including orange and pink, though other colors are assumed to be possible.

    Echidnas are adept as fighters, paladins, and clerics. They are known to practice ancestor worship principally, though any belief is truly possible as long as they accept it in their hearts.

    I also made a paragon for 'Hedgeys'.


    “When you need me, I'll be there.”
    Prerequisite: Hedgey

    Some superstitious folks claim hedgehogs are descended from Spirits of the Wind. Whether one believes it or not, they can't deny the speed of the creatures and they certainly can't deny the speed of those who have trained their talents to legendary standards. Whether they stand for truth, justice, a martyr, or their own selfish desires, Windrunners are capable of amazing feats of speed and attacks.

    Level 11: Speed Action
    When you spend an action point to gain an extra action, you gain +2 to your speed, AC, and Reflex Defense until the end of your next turn.

    Level 11: Take the Fall
    When an ally within move range of you is about to take damage that will drop them, you may immediately move to block the attack and take the hit.

    Level 16: Swift Spines

    Any enemy near you at the end of your turn takes half your dexterity mod in damage.

    Not So Fast Hero of the Winds Attack 11
    A moving foe finds himself cut off as you use your top speed to catch up with him and remind him that you're still here.
    One creature within range of a double run
    Special: Before the attack, you move towards the creature. If it is close enough, you may move through it and its threatened space without provoking and end up on its other side.
    Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex
    Hit: 1[W] + dex damage

    Can't catch me! Hero of the Winds Utility 12
    In a rough spot, you make a parting attack before attempting to reposition.
    Minor, Stance
    Effect: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity from enemies with a lower Dexterity score than you.

    You're Too Slow!
    Daily * Stance
    Minor Action Personal
    Effect: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity from enemies with a lower Dexterity score than you.

    Full Power Hero of the Winds Attack 20
    On the receiving end of many attacks, you find the power to unleash your most powerful series of attacks yet. Several may be able to weather the storm you unleash, but one alone will surely fall under the barrage.
    If you are bloodied, you gain a +2 bonus to hit with these attacks.
    Range: Close Burst 5
    Target: Foes in burst (or one foe, see below)
    Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex
    Hit: 2[W] + dex damage

    Special: If you use this on one foe in the burst alone, you roll three attacks against it.
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