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Thread: What's with the Belkar hate?

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    Belkar's always been an awesome character and it'll be a shame to see him go (and I think it will be soon).

    Thing is, early in the comic there was always some kind of circumstances that kept him from doing anything overly bad. So much that I wondered if he really was evil beyond a little comedic effect. Probably the real reason why he wasn't so bad was b/c the circumstances provided by Rich kept Belkar from ruining the plot (see: attempt to kill Elan for xp). This mitigation continued even when Miko came in. I think that the Azure city guard is the first creature I've seen him actually kill in cold blood. And ever since they left Azure city, he's been so successfuly kill-happy and hated he almost seems out of character compared to before. Belkar in OoPCs likewise surprised me. And while that's before the start of the comic in the time line, I'm sure it was written some time in the middle of the comic.

    IMO the recent elevation in evil and character hate to Belkar is a prep for his imminent death. I don't like it so much, especially since it seems forced. I think it'd be cool - though somewhat cliche - for him do do something mildly but honestly good right before going.
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