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Poor Belkar. Just because he's CE, he gets blamed for EVERY little thing he does that no one would blink an eye at if another character had done it. If Roy had been in the non-anti-magic section, jumped out, and killed the guard, would anyone blame him for it?
I would. If Roy would have done that, he would definitly not be one of my favorite character anymore because of how incredibly out of character that would have been. I would also probably woudnt like the comic as much because it would be very poor writing to have a LG hero do that.

By the way, I dont remember anyone blaming Belkar for the two other thing you said. Sure some people mentioned Grand Larceny guy but what was important is why he did it, no one is blaming him for actually doing it. I could be wrong but anyway, it sure as hell isnt two really important thing.