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I could be wrong, but didn't Grand Larceny Guy just commit attempted murder, and treason. and didn't you say earlier, that A CG person can kill someone who "deserves to die" without alignment problems?
Actually GLG committee the thought crimes of Treason and Attmpted Assassination... Belkar interrupted this by grappling him off the wall.

Then, after successfully foiling the scheme, Belkar murdered him.

Also, committing a slightly or fully Evil act for an Evil individual doesnot constitute Alignment problems.

Belkar certainly isn't CG, but why is Belkar doing it Wrong, V doing it Right? Motives? Didn't you also say it doesn't matter what motives are, if person deserves to die, killing them isn't Evil?
Vaarsuvius was most certianly in the wrong. But one Evil act does not make one Evil.