Belkar Is useful at rare times, but I don't think that's the point. I don't want to argue abou the effectiveness about the team's members, because we all know they're all just kind of screwed up and lucky if they ever win a battle (Except for V pwning the giant devil but that's a new trend in him) (her) by which I mean that it's a freakin' webcomic and no one takes they're usefulness seriously it's just that they're funny and awesome in they're own special way. What has belkar done? He's probably the funniest character and also he stabbed like fifty hobgoblins in one strip, but does anyone question that if he were missing that rich burlew would justify the oots' progress through their story in some funny, a** backwards way? I don't. But belkar is more than just comic relief. Face it, he's been offered to leave or betray the oots many times, but he hasn't. And now, because he's been acting like a d**k to haley, killed an innocent dude, and an innocent useful dude, and subsequently lost the ability to do anything but make others vomit. So now he's an obstacle, too, not just a walking joke with a creepy smile. I'm just saying there has to be more to belkar than meets the eye. Is he, in fact, a worthy friend and ally of the others who's been hiding for dramatic effect? Why kill him now? I say tragic hero - with an ootsworthy twist.

Or I don't know, maybe Rich decided he has too many good characters and started peeling away Roy V and Belkar lol.