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Thread: What's with the Belkar hate?

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    I like Belkar. He's the only one that's consistently funny (now that the order is apart anyway...). You'd think that if the story wasn't really going to be moving anywhere, they'd keep the jokes rolling, but right now, he's not getting so many lines.

    Yes, character development, exploring other plot points and showing how the order falls apart without Roy is nice and all, but's kinda boring.

    I began reading this comic because it was consistently funny, but it has traded it in for player motivated drama.

    I say keep Belkar alive even though the oracle says he's gonna die anyway.

    Although...if the new strip was any indication, maybe I'll get some more comic relief for the next few strips. Btw, Haley is my favorite character. Go rogues!

    And Belkar is of course, my second favorite.
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