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Thread: What's with the Belkar hate?

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    they come from you, as part of your arguments that killing someone who deserves to die, is by default a good act.

    This will draw from numerous sources, so bear with me.

    Vile Darkness defines Revenge as not evil, but selfish, and says it is "revenge at any price" that is the mark of the evil mindset. Faerun has a LG deity and an LN deity, both devoted, at least partly, to vengeance (especially the LN Hoar The Doombringer). The Deva in SoD does not say Eugene is in trouble for swearing an oath of vengeance against the living Xykon, but for failing to complete it. Same with the deva who tries Roy.

    So, revenge alone does not make Belkar's act evil. By BoED, such a selfish motivation would make the normally Good act Neutral.

    As for the issue of taking him prisoner, GLG has just committed high teason and attempted murder, on the field of battle, has a quiver of deadly poisoned arrows, and Belkar is plummeting with him toward enemy lines. There is no good reason to try and take him prisoner. In effect, by attempting to murder Hinjo, he has made himself "a valid target" for Belkar.

    While I consider Belkar virtually the definition of CE, by your own arguments, the act of attacking and killing GLG is very difficult to define as evil.
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