Belkar really wasn't that bad while he was under Roy's control. As the chart from the Diva had shown, Belkar's evil acts dropped dramatically while he was stuck hanging around with Roy.

I think that despite what Belkar has said, he actually does respect Roy on some grounds - If only because he knows that Roy is more intelligent, AND more powerful than he is.

First of all, we see Belkar respecting Roy's intelligence. Hell, Belkar WANTS to rescue Elan, and knows that Roy would very likely be the best one of them to come up with a plan to do so successfully.

And secondly, in the sixth panel, Belkar directly calls Roy "Awesome." Roy is able to insult his opponents, and kick ass. Not to mention, Roy took his side over Miko, and actually fights her three times over the comic.

Also, Belkar doesn't resort to needless killing in combat while Roy is around. He could have killed that second level character in a round or two pretty easily, especially with Durkon and Roy whacking him as well. Did he? No.

I'm not arguing that Belkar isn't Chaotic Evil, at all. I do think that part of it is because he just enjoys killing.. Which has been shown in comic being based off his low wisdom. I'm not saying that Belkar will ever not be evil, nor that he's just misguided. Belkar just wants to have fun, and Roy is able to curb Belkar's fun so that it doesn't involve killed people that don't need to be killed.