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    Eclipse, Servant of the Dark God

    To those in the clearing who cared to listen, they might have heard a muffled clanking coming up through the woods for the last few minutes. Eventually, a silhouette would have come clear, and finally would have resolved itself into the shape of a figure in full armor.

    He lumbers up the remainder of the slope, seeming in no hurry, and steps into the clearing completely, giving any watchers their first full view. A man of average height stands before you, in a complete set of full armor. The armor itself is pocked and rusted, as if it has seen great age and use in its lifetime. Covered in sharp protrusions, and overlapping plates, it seems reminiscent of a beetle's carapace.

    A thin yet massively long greatsword hangs from his back, and a tattered black cloak flutters from his shoulders. He reaches up and pulls off the great, horned helmet, and reveals his face.

    It seems to go against expectations based on the threatening armor. Revealed is the smiling face of a man, framed by wispy black hair. Crimson eyes stare out of his face, and it seems clear they are included in the smile. Yet despite this, something feels wrong about him. No matter how long you stare at his face it seems impossible to guess at his age. And besides that, an aura of unease seems to radiate from him.

    "Greetings, comrades..." The voice resonates out over the clearing seeming strong and clear at first. But just as before, there seems to be a feeling of putrefaction along with it to anyone with keen sense. Finally, he smiles fully, and a sharp set of teeth are revealed.

    He looks around the clearing, and can sense that the original voices emanated from three figures somewhere in the clearing. He is unable to determine their exact location though, to his annoyance.


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