As the small group gathers in the clearing, the night twists and reshapes to accomodate three identical figures; very tall for humans, completely covered in black robes, hooded and faceless. Their presence feels stranger still; an unearthly chill emanates from the three, an unnatural aura, the sense that something is terribly wrong. Despite you expecting someone to appear, the sudden materialisation of the three figures fills you with the irrational desire to flee or cower before them.

So, you've come. Are you truly ready to pledge against Neverwinter?
The first figure says.

Your agreement now is required. The rewards will be great but the danger just so as well.
The second figure says in an identical voice.

Your mission will be to infiltrate and destroy the envoys of Neverwinter to Luskan and retrieve one of the items they carry.
The third figure says, speaking over the other two.


DC 32 will save or cower in fear, else shaken for 1 round. Immunities to fear/mind affecting apply normally.
Listen DC 25 to realize the figures are not breathing.
Spot DC 25 to realize something is wrong with the figures.
Spot DC 70 to overcome the illusion-will PM stuff to those that make it.