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    When the mage summons forth a fire elemental he first contemplated attempting to merely eat it. His thoughts of hunger are blasted away when their new superiors speak up once again. Something is quite obviously wrong, that much is clear, starting with the fact that these beings do not breathe. His tentacles flex as he lowers himself into a cowering crouch, "The city will burn. I start first with these... envoys. Are they delicious? Will I require seasonings?"

    Will Save: (1d20+20)[30]
    Listen: (1d20+23)[31]
    Autosucceed 'something wrong' spot DC with a +25 modifier after soulmelds.

    Incarnum Details:
    Essentia:12 (E=Essentia Invested) Capacity 3, +1 for bold
    [0] Shedu Crown: Immune to Bull Rush. +E competence to saves vs mind affecting effects.
    [3] Sphinx Claws: +1+E Competence bonus on strength ability checks and strength based skill checks
    [Bound]: Able to make a full attack after a charge.
    [3] Worg Pelt: 2+2E competence bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks.
    [0] Girallon Arms: 2+2E competence bonus on climb and grapple checks.
    [Bound]: Gain 1 primary and 3 secondar Claw attacks. +E Enhancement on claws.
    [3] Totem Avatar: Grants hit points equal to meldshaper level. These are not temporary and unshaping this soulmeld could stagger, render unconscious, or kill the totemist. Furthermore, +E enhancement on natural armor.
    [Bound]: +E morale bonus on damage rolls.
    [0] Dread Carapace: Allows for increasing the penalty to hit to increase damage on a one for one ratio (or 2 if bite). Starts at -1 +1/+2 and increases by -1 +1/+2 for each Essentia invested.
    [3] Threefold Mask of the Chimera: Immunity to being flanked. Also, +E competence bonus on search and spot checks.
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