AKA Fallout Must Be Eaten. (Disclaimer: don't actually eat radioactive fallout. Or, you know, CDs or DVDs containing a Fallout game. Or even floppies with Wasteland on them. Tasty Wasteland.)

I'm homebrewing me some Fallout with Unisystem, and I figured I'd solicit advice and comments here.

I'm starting with chargen and "races" first.

Super Mutant
6-point Racial Quality

Super mutants are massive humanoids, usually eight to ten feet tall and weighing nearly a thousand pounds. They are grotesquely disfigured, and typically have greenish-grey skin. Super mutants are sterile, and can only "reproduce" by introducing FEV into human victims. They are also immortal, living until killed by unnatural causes.

Super mutants can raise Strength and Constitution to ten and gain +2 to Strength and Constitution, five levels of Hard to Kill (may have up to ten maximum), Nerves of Steel, three levels of Resistance (Pain). They have two levels of the Dermal Armor mutation and the Regeneration (hourly) mutation. They suffer -1 to final Dexterity and Intelligence, a six-point Attractiveness Drawback, a one-point Cruel Drawback, and a three-point Minority Drawback. Super mutants gain no points for these drawbacks.
That's 16 -10 points (since raised maximums don't seem to have a cost, looking at Dungeons and Zombies).

I'm not positive about the necessity of Regeneration, but since super mutants' cells apparently do regenerate (which explains their immortality - aging cells are "fixed" - and their sterility - gametes are supposedly mistaken for "broken" cells and also get "fixed"), I chucked it in. I want a high cost on the package anyway.

I'm a bit stuck on trying to figure out how to model radiation immunity. It's got to be a Quality, and Resistance (Radiation) won't cut it for ghouls and super mutants (it'll work nicely for humans, giving them a bonus to the test to mitigate the effects of radiation by one level). I just need a point value, really - I'm thinking either 2 or 3 points. So that'd be...

Radiation Immunity
2 (3?)-point Mutation

The mutant is immune to radiation, and suffers no ill effects from any exposure to it.
Simple enough.

I'm replacing Metaphysics with Mutations - using powers and the cyber/bio/nanoware in All Tomorrow's Zombies (like Dermal Armor and Regeneration for the super mutants) as the starting point. Only ghouls and super mutants will start out with Mutation Points - I'm thinking humans will be able to buy them with Qualities, paying a small "entry fee" first, then trading points 1:1. Characters will also be able to purchase mutations with experience points in play. Mutations can cover actual Metaphysics, too - namely weird psychic abilities.

Pure Humans - Enclave and inhabitants of certain long-sealed Vaults - won't be able to get mutations at all. I figure regular, everyday exposure to radiation and FEV wouldn't cause mutations in a creature, only in its offspring. Intentional FEV-saturation, or thousands of rems of radiation, are a different matter, resulting in transformation into a ghoul or a super mutant.

Despite my love for Fallout Tactics, I absolutely will not make Deathclaws playable. Ugggh. No dog PCs, either. Robots... maybe.