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    I think the attractiveness drawback is out of place. A Supermutant do not have to be attractive to a human, he has to be attractive to other Supermtants, like a cat does not have to look pretty for dogs and vice versa. I wouldn't include attractivity in a species' write up, because there is no such thing as a universial attractivity scale. What is considered pretty is always dependent from the society you live in, and I think a Super-Mutant who finds humans more attractive than his own kind rather ridiculous.

    And even if you treat them all as one large culture with a unified cultural image of personal beauty, a -6 penalty is widely exagerated. -2 or so might be in order (and -a bit worse for the Ghouls than), but -6? Hardly justifiable.

    I liked the idea of a Unisystem-based Fallout game, and strted to scribble on my this morning. I came up with this for the Supermutant:

    Supermutant - 10 Point Racial Quality
    Super Mutants are very strong and much bigger then ordinary humans, they were breeded to become the ultimate soldiers: Big, green, and prone to shooting people at point-blank range with miniguns, nobody who wants to live messes with a Super Mutant.
    Super Mutants were originally created by dipping humans into vats of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, or F.E.V. The process grants superior physical strength and resilience and a tough and leathery skin. Both the FEV and the survival in the Wastelands have geatly improved their tolernce to radiation and poisons.
    There aren't so many superhumans around, and most people are easily afraid of anyone who is big and strong enough to kill them with their bare hands, so Supermutants are treated as a feared and often hated minority. While they may be distrusted, their sheer muscle power is sometimes very helpful which makes the Supermutants more tolerable as heavy workers.

    Attributes: Strength +3, Constitution +2, -1 to either Intelligence, Perception or Will.
    Qualities: Natural Toughness, Resistance (Poison) 2, Resistance (Radiation) 3, hard to kill 3 (Supermutants can buy up to 8 levels in hard to kill).
    Drawbacks: Too large for this world -1, minority -3

    too large for this world - 1 point physical drawback
    The character literally does not fit in as world built for much smaller individuals. He constantly has to duck to pass doors, furniture breaks down when he sits on it and clothes and other equipment must be specially designed or dified for their size. This drawbackj is most of time only inconvenient, but the too large character gains a -1 penalty to all rolls when large size is a hindrance.
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