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Having played an amount of Age of Wonders that is best defined as 'unholy*' I really don't see where you are getting this
Well from the screenshots alone you have heroes, twin researching/casting spells, mana nodes, coexisting terrain (ie grassland suddenly giving way to blight). Of course AoW in turn nicked many of these from MoM but it still doesn't impress

Now I may well be proved wrong about all this but whenever I played GalCiv2 the feeling I kept getting was that this was a complete ripoff (or 'spiritual successor' if you will) to MoO2. No bad thing of course but I actually found the latter to be the superior game

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The screenshots are only pre-alpha, and will be subject to much improving and tweaking between now and February 2010
I have no problem with poor graphics (by today's standards) but its the cartoony style that puts me off in a big way. I just don't like that in games