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    ***Dead*** (sort of)

    (this page is badly out of date)

    Got Magtok to turn her into a catgirl, then died to be with Butler in heaven. Isn't that morbidly romantic?

    Name: Decker

    Gender: Female
    Race: Half swanmay, half devil
    Alignment: Chaotic Insane
    Power Rating: I have no idea. Defensively, she's nearly invulnerable. Offensively, she's pretty weak. 5 or 6?
    Affiliation: AMEN
    Age: Appears to be about 23
    Appearance: Decker looks like a teenage girl with white hair, devil horns, glowing purple eyes and silver feathers
    Special Abilities: Flight via feathered cloak, making portals
    Combat Proficiencies: None
    Common Knowledge: Decker likes to eat socks and moldy cake. She's good friends with Fullbladder and Darkcomet, and she is protective of KR.
    Uncommon Knowledge: Decker can't die. Eventually she outlives the universe and just portals back to the beginning. She's done this several times.

    In Hell, she is known as Lady Dekaros, daughter of General Baalzatar.
    She is married to Butler B. Butler

    Theme song: We Love to Boogie

    Circles of Hell
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