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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Default Re: ACRONYM Character Registry.

    Vespe Ratavo

    Gender: Male (most of the time, anyway)
    Race: Elf
    Age: ???
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral-ish
    Class (or approximation): Bard

    Youthful and healthy looking, probably early twenties (on a human scale), with long black hair and blue eyes. Slightly above average height and weight. Has pointy elf ears. Most frequently seen wearing blue leather armor, gray cloth, and a black cloak.

    Equipment and Abilities: Vespe owns a pair of rapiers, a lute, and that's about it. His only major skill seems to be his musical ability, but he can fight fairly decently with those rapiers. He seems to possess a smattering of other skills, but none of these have been of any importance. Yet.

    Backstory: Not much is known about Vespe's life prior to Acronymia. It's known that he went to Illuminati University.

    Since arriving, however, he's done quite a few things, the most major of which included an extremely confusing plot to kill Fanboy, involving clones, alignment hiding, Judy, and a badly botched wedding. During said plot, he and Tessa got stuck in the past, where he gave her her trademark mana bracelets, inadvertently turning her into a god. He got stuck in the past while trying to find Kaela, but he returned, then left again.

    He's back again.

    Miscellaneous: Nothing that I can think of.
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