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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Happy Turtle Amakirr
    Race: Humanish shapeshifter
    Gender: Usually female
    Class: Barbarian/Sorceress
    Alignment: Variable, but currently NG with Chaotic tendencies
    Power Level: 5
    Affiliation: GLoG
    Age: 26
    Default Appearance: Generally appears as a human female in her late twenties, with chin length brown hair (worn loose) and brown eyes. Average height. Above average weight which is all muscle. Usually wears miniskirts, but sometimes switches into combat fatigues. Appearance subject to change due to shapeshifting.
    Special Abilities: Greater Spork Attunement, psychic turtle shell armor (active when raging), shapeshifting (cannot change size unless shapeshifting into a turtle), incredible pain tolerance (physical pain only), telepathy (can transmit speech and emotions to willing recipients, but doesn't read minds), psychic bond with Fanboy and Lex, can cast low level sorcery spells and channel Holy energy
    Weapon of Choice: Usually she forms her own weapons by shapeshifting body parts into blades. Other weapons used include a Holy Staff (given to her by Saint Nil), Holy Warspork, a giant sharpened spork that can act as a piercing or slashing weapon, and can catch spells in the spoon and fling them. Also uses throwing sporks, which act like daggers, and (occasionally) handguns.
    Weaknesses: Is driven by her emotions, which makes her easy to manipulate. Tends to act before she thinks. Poor judge of character. Sensitive to sunlight.
    Background: Happy was an evildoer but was reformed to good with the help of Fan Amakirr, a redeemed vampire, and was later chosen as a Rainbow Servant by the goddess Neirian. Sister to Rabbit Vasque, adopted mother to Melody Smurf, niece to Peter Raven, wife to Fanboy Amakirr.

    Part 1: Betrayal
    Part 2: Promise
    Part 3: Monster

    Recent changes:
    • Her goddess, uncle, and daughter were all killed during various events engineered by Reinholdt.
    • Has developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is mostly wheelchair bound or worse.
    • A Shadow of herself has emerged that seems significantly more powerful than her physical self.
    • Was murdered by Bianca of NO, but has since been resurrected by Neirian.

    Shadow of Chelonie
    • Is linked to the GLoG base, able to see through its eyes and speak through drones or computer messages.
    • Wounds given to the Shadow appear on Chelonie's physical form.
    • Can create a shadow body which is ethereal, but can make parts of it physical, though this is very draining to do for long.
    • Both sorcery and psionics are stronger than Chelonie has ever shown before.
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