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    Gender: Female
    Race: Generic Fey, with a variety of DNA grafts
    Age: 31
    Alignment: Evil
    Class (or approximation): Roguish Scientist
    Sexuality: Omnisexual
    Description: Typically a tall, beautiful woman, with long, glossy chocolate-brunette curls (with paler, hazel highlights mixed in), thin dark eyes, pale, parchment skin, and thin lips, typically covered immaculately in purple, or dark red lipstick. Her face is typically neatly made-up, and she normally wears a long, evening dress, in purple, red, or black and stilettoes, with diamond tips, for stamping people to bits with. She nearly almost always carries a small black clutch bag, and a little silver wristwatch.
    Equipment and Abilities: LaRoth's an electrokinetic (capable of producing immensely high voltage bolts, shield, sparks, and EMPs) fey, with all the typical fey weaknesses and bonuses, and a minor ability to communicate telepathically, and see events transpiring far away. She's very, very intelligent, and has retractable feline hands, with titanium claws, stolen from a cat-girl, and her son, previously of HALO. She wears/carries a clutch-Bag of Holding (high level, capable of storing huge amounts of objects, typically disguised as a handbag or purse), and an illusion creating "Image Inducer", a device that drains life-force to create hard-light holograms, resembling a small pocket watch when not disguised. A variety of other stolen gadgets, such as her portal creator, which can create black, two dimensional gateways, capable of both inter and intra dimensional travel, but not time travel are in her inventory. She also possesses a much smaller emergency teleporter, built into her illusory matrix, which allows her to 'port to select locations.
    Backstory: Born in a war-torn, misogynistic, swamp-verse, LaRoth grew up among gangs of rabid, crazed fey, killing humans wildly till she escaped, using a portal creator prised from the hands of her drying mother. She joined Thorul Ltd., but was removed from that taskforce due to the effects of PLOT. She was with the Intergang, till, after she brought back Alek, he was killed again. Deciding against seeking to bring the chauvinist back, she joined PEACE. Currently, she has a personal catboy assistant, called Aidan, and is, as she completes a number of mercenerial scientific jobs, looking for something to interest her.
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