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    Name: Tessa Camlar Dead, killed by Calublufiok
    Title: Archivist of Woden and Guardian of Balance
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 Anywhere from 17 to 103, depending on what point on her time line she came from
    Alignment: Lawful Good True Neutral
    Power Level: over nine thousand
    Affiliation: GLoG Unaffiliated
    Class: Wizard
    Description: Tessa looks even younger than her age. She has brown eyes, blonde hair, and a thin build. Though wizards generally wear robes on her home plane, she's travelled enough to have acquired a taste for blue jeans and tshirts. Tessa's hair will be blonde or white, depending on her age. She always wears glowing green bracelets that cannot be removed, and her eyes often glow blue. If she consciously represses it, they appear brown again.
    Equipment and Abilities: Tessa does not carry any weapons, but is loaded down with magic items, wands, and scrolls. Her most powerful item is a Scholar's Satchel which holds hundreds of books while weighing as if it only held one. When she reaches into her Satchel, it delivers the book she is thinking of into her fingers. The satchel works for anyone, but they must know which book they want. Browsing doesn't work, and the only written index of its contents is held in the archives of the temple of Woden. Tessa has the index memorized.
    Backstory: Tessa was apprenticed as a scribe in the temple, where her magical talent was discovered and encouraged. Though not a cleric, she is exceedingly devout. Her life is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and she'd far rather be at her books than adventuring. But when Woden commanded her to join GLoG, she obeyed. Later, she got lost time walking with Vespe, and was forced to absorb the mana of an entire plane in order to repair it. Having this much power changed her outlook completely, and she left GLoG soon afterwards. Later in her life, she developed a friendship with Vespe Ratavo, despite the two of them having next to nothing in common.
    Common Knowledge: She always has her head in a book. She's freakishly smart and physically very weak.
    Uncommon Knowledge: She has a puppy-love crush on her teacher back at her home temple. She writes in her journal ever night, without knowing that everything she writes appears in a duplicate journal in the temple archives. Yup, she's being spied on. She married a fellow archivist Edmund Fairley (not her teacher) soon after returning to Candlekeep. She eventually has 3 children and numerous grandchildren.
    Special Skills: If it's ever been written in a book anywhere, Tessa knows it. Especially if it has anything to do with souls. Due to her mana bracelet, she can cast spells from any class's spell list without preparation.

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