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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Race: Human/??? (Well, something's screwy in there, given his living blood-relations all have something off about them...)
    Gender: Male (unless Fullbladder starts up again)
    Alignment: TN/NG. He's not entirely sure.
    Affiliation: GLoG/WATCHTOWER.
    Age: 25
    Appearance: See avatar.
    Abilities: General psychic abilities. DC is stronger in telekinesis than dealing with minds, though. Said telekinetic abilities allow him to use an unorthodox form of combat, dealing with all foes at once.
    Equipment: The more notable weapons are an Ion Cannon and assorted other ranged weapons, but he goes through those like Magtok clones, so... For more subtle situations, DC has a cloaking device. He's also got a voidsteel dagger, which is extremely sharp, capable of cutting metal with ease. Energy can be projected through it to form a longer blade, and silvery coils in the hilt prevent energy from being transferred into DC. One way, it seems. (I didn't make the thing. <.<)
    Backstory: Scattered about the threads.
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