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    Name: Dipsnig Razortooth
    Gender: Male
    Race: Goblin
    Occupation: Thief, Spy, former Miner
    Age: 25
    Affiliation: Neutralist Organisation
    Power rating: 3 or D+


    (As drawn by Shades of Gray and Vulion, respectively)
    Dipsnig is a small, wiry brown-skinned goblin. He tends to wear an assortment of drab, grey or brown shirts and tunics over a leather armor. He has pale red eyes and rather large ears even by goblin standards.
    Backstory: Dipsnig comes from Dragonbone Colony, the largest goblin nation of the northern mountain range of his homeworld. Having grown up as a son of a riding wolf breeder, he joined the military and managed to enlist into Dragonbone Covert Operations. However, his promising career as a government spy was cut short when he had an affair with the wife of one of the high-ranking officers and had to run away rather quickly. He turned to a mercenary lifestyle, which suited him rahter well. However, the less-than positive attitude towards goblins in general gave him a rather negative view of other species, dwarves and elves in particular. He came to ACRO and became an acting leader of Neutralist Organization after some time. His rate of alcohol consupmtion has increased since that day.
    Equipment and abilities: Dipsnig is a competent spy and infiltrator. He is a good shot with a crossbow and not bad in close combat if he has enough room to dodge. He's also bolder than most goblins. He uses a magical pickaxe that can strike incorporeal beings and turn him incorporeal for some time thee times a day. His other weapon is a heavy repeating crossbow taken from AMEN armory as well as a collection of daggers and knives. He wears a magic-resistant leather armor.
    Miscellanous: Dipsnig displays strong racial pride and dislkes elves and dwarves. The latter is simply because of the ages-long animosity between goblins and dwarves, the former is because the elves think so goddamned highly of themselves.
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