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    Gender: Male
    Age: 28-38ish, hasn't told anyone
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Race: Human (Terran)...?
    Appearance: Martin is extremely tall and bulky; even without his power armor, he's still an impressive 7' 2". He has Radon-green eyes, and is shaved bald. He would be handsome if if weren't for the constant expression of inscrutiability he always has.
    Current Affiliation(s): AMEN
    Power Level:
    Special abilities: No magical dependancy, Batman analyst(If he has more than fifteen minutes to analyze or prepare for his opponent, he will win, regardless of differences in power. Also, he can never lose more than one fight with any opponent unless they completely retool their fighting style.)
    Personality: Martin is a cold, calculating person. His actions are always driven by logic, and infulenced by personal gain. He is quite well spoken, and has a tendency to be condescending towards others. He is utterly ruthless in combat, and his sense of humor is dryer than a desert.
    Background: Martin is a refugee. He fled his universe (that of Starcraft) to escape persecution by his superiors. He brought his friend, Oscar the Hydralisk, with him; althoughwhy he would do so is unknown. He is driven soley by a need for power and knowledge, and is always inventing something in his Engineeering Bay in one of AMEN's sub-basements. He uses high technology to do anything that could be done with magic, and many of his inventions border on almost impossible sciences.
    Equpment: Martin almost always wears his power armor, or some variation constructed in his lab. He is similarly found with his C-14 Impaler Gauss rifle, which has been modified in many ways that he will not willingly reveal.
    Other stuff: Martin's network of information gathering tools is vast and constantly expanding. He knows almost everything, and it is NOT a wise idea to lie to him. Martin enjoys Pina Coladas and peach ice cream. He is the dicoverer of Netherium, a powerful metal generated when an asteroid containing certain metals passes through a black hole. He is the only being capable of refining it into Voidsteel, a completely indestuctable metal with a refraction index of zero.
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