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    Age: Unknown
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Race: Zerg (Hunter-Killer)
    Appearance: Oscar is a Hunter-Killer, a super powerful breed of Hydralisk. He looks almost identical to a regular hydralisk, except for darker chitin.
    Current Affiliation(s): AMEN
    Power Level: 11 (and climbing)
    Special Abilities: No magical dependancy, ability to burrow through nearly any substance, mutated zerg evolution strain(Whenever Oscar is subjected to an effect, he becomes immune to subsequent copies of that effect and gains a new ability of a nature similar to that effect. Similar here means 'twisted and empowered by zerg evoltionary tactics'.)
    Personality: Oscar is capricious and homicidal. He's as likely to tell someone a joke as he is to brutally maul them and eat them. He's easily bored, and surprisingly childlike in temperament. His sense of humor relies heavily on the expenses of others.
    Background: Oscar was able to hitch a ride with Martin when he jumped realities. The transition broke his link with the Overmind, and at the same time, increased the power of his innate Zerg mutation. He doesn't show very often, insted perferring to lurk around in the drop pod and snooze. He takes orders from no one, except Martin, and even then will usualy only act if it's in his best interests.
    Equipment: Oscar carries no equipment. Everything he needs is produced naturally by his body.
    Other Stuff: Oscar is blue/yellow colorblind. He doesn't have hands, which limits his ability to do many things. Anything Oscar eats is metabolized into energy and, potentially, a mutation.
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