Rand (Randomizer)

Gender: None, though self-proclaimed Male
Age: Unknown, claimed to be in the thousands
Race: Arcane Incarnation
Appearance: Rand looks like your generic spellcaster, blue robes and cape, except has purple flames for hands, and a pinkish floating flame for a head with deep purple detailing that look like eyes. He does not have any visible lower half of his body, nor is there any indication of its existence
Affiliation: HALO
Power Level: Extremely high
Special Abilities: Rand is most well known for the ability to resurrect people without a drawback to himself or the resurectee. He can cast thousands of arcane spells nearly effortlessly. He is also known to render himself into omnipresence in the HALO base often.
Personality: Rand has a tendency to be very informal, at best. He's commentating, inquisitive, and sometimes childish. This does not, however, manage to eclipse his genius.
Background: UNKNOWN.
Equipment: He has been seen transforming his hands into chainsaws, yet carries no visible equipment outside his robes.


Gender: Male
Race: Lizardman Green Dragon
Appearance: He's pretty hard to miss, as you don't see very many bipedal green dragons walking around, let alone wearing glasses, a nice shirt and tie, pants of course, and labcoat.
Affiliation: HALO
Power Level: 2
Special Abilities: Sythis can breathe fire, and has natural dragonic strength and toughness. Anything outside of that is his extensive understanding of anatomy. He also has the ability to hear ghosts due to him being killed three times.
Personality: Sythis is known to be patient, understanding, and despite his extreme intelligence, a bit arrogant sometimes.
Background: Basically, accidentally created the supersoldier, caused a lot of pain and suffering before he was tortured horribly for being found trying to create an antisupersoldier vaccine. He lost his memory, and managed to escape somehow. He found his way to HALO, where his memory was restored, and he died. Three times, but was rezzed by Rand each time. During this period, he changed his species to green dragon through means of DNA alteration.