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    Name: FF Fanboy Amakirr.
    Backstory: I have alot of it somehwere just need to dredge it up from the archives.
    Race: Incubus Vampire (Due to recent events of Torpor, his soul has recently shattered, and through it's weakness, and the subsequent inner demise of a Incubus who tried to possess him. He now possesses a demonic soul. Though he has yet to learn of it.)
    Age: 13453 (Lies I say, All lies!)
    Aligbnment: Neutral good
    Class: Ninja (Afokuma's homebrew not the made of fail CA one.) 15/Incubus/Succubus Racial Class 12.

    Abilites: Step of the ghost: Fan has the ability to traverse super long distances by using a non magical version of dimension door that allows him to turn ethereal for about 3 seconds before appearing, is mostly a technique for dodging things.

    Blade of the mourning sun: The blade that Fan trapped the original vampire, Vlad Tepes inside, it is inscribed with 5 blood red runes in a language long dead, that seem to glow in the presence of blood. When it comes into contact with blood, the blood seems to flow into it like water would a throat, complete with gulping sounds.

    For it's disturbing properties, Fan does not use it often, preffering to use his hands, and newly acquired claws.

    Incredible speed: Fan is fast... I figure it'd make sense for a demonic vampire elf to be fast, especially a Ninja Demonic Vampire Elf.

    The rest is to be edited in, when I'm NOT making a new character.
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