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    Race: Unknown, Part elf,
    Class: An avatar, master of elements (now that he's opened all seven of his chakra points),
    Alignment:Unknown, while respects evil and will not harm it unless provoked, he would also rather help than hinder,
    Age: Looks to be only 24, but is actually 315,
    Height: 6'5",
    Weight: 215lbs of pure muscle,
    Looks: He has long black hair and grey, determined eyes. He is tall and skinny, covered in tattoos, and usually adorns a smile. He also has large red wings, a red and gold oriental-dragon tail, and horse ears atop his head. Also, he seems to have a golden aura.
    Clothes: He wears a white and brown top that covers the left side of his chest with brown leather pants underneath, wooden sandals, and hand wraps. He also wears an earring, a gold chain round his neck a tribal bracelet and necklace, two bangles, and a white sash.
    Equipment: He only carries a jug of water and Rosary beads as well as a pan flute, tea leaves and pot, and an ever-glowing lantern he uses to summon spirits. Also, a holy chain, possessing the Selesnya signet on it.
    Weapons: Ryu carries a magic staff that can turn into an inumerable amount of pieces, most of the time linked by chain, but also wields great magical abilities in the areas of light and summoning magic and has potential in all the elements, mostly air and earth.
    Backstory: Ryu comes from a the Selesnya Monastery. He eventually was banished...for reasons unclear too him. He doesn't remember much of his past and tries to forget what he does. Ryu wishes only to live life day by day, he cares for the future, but does not concern himself with it too much.((If you really want to know his backstory, look at page 42 of GLoG IV))
    Personality: Ryu is very optimistic, noting the bad things, but choosing too think about the good instead. He can always put a smile on someones face and is very wise. He is good at listening and giving advice. He prefers to do good, but knows he can't always. He is very humble and shy as well.
    ((P.S. He's my avatar, in case you couldn't tell, except for a few minor details...))
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