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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Princess Lexington the IV or Lex for short.
    Race: Pixie
    Class: Amazon Warrior
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Neutral Good
    Age: 23
    Height: 2"
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde
    Affliliatioon: Evil League of Evil Good League of Good
    Power Level: 4

    Description: A oh-so-cute pixie with beautiful wings of many blue hues. She wears different colored short skirts/dresses, with tall boots. Sometimes may be seen with a small spork dangling from her belt.

    Backstory: Lex is the daughter of the Queen of the Amazon Pixies. But she was a dissapointment to her mother, becasue Lex is not that interested in fighting. She'd rather be cooking, which is what the men usually do. So the Queen sent Lex out into the world, never to return. After a year of being alone and mostly carefree, Lex finally got bored of being alone. She went in search of a friend.

    She same across a beautiful castle. Deciding to find it's owner, she went inside. What she found was a beautiful queen, who happened to practice the dark art of necromancy. RHL (as her friends call her) easily befriended the young pixie. But after a year, Lex found that while she enjoyed being with the Necromantic Queen, there was something missing in their friendship.

    So, leaving a simple note saying goodbye, Lex flew away from the castle, and out of RHL's life, forever (so it had seemed). Just outside of the Queen's lands, she found a revolutiuonary group plotting against the "establishment."

    The leader, only known as BRC, made the ruler (not RHL) sound like a most evil person, who needed to be overthrown in the name of the people. Lex eagerly joined. But within a month, Lex bumped into an evil woman going by the name of Happyturtle.

    Turtle was a shapeshifter who worked for the Evil League of Evil. Lex instantly fell in love, and when Turtle asked Lex to be her henchpixie, Lex eagerly agreed. After two months though, Turtle started behaving strangly and while tempting a fellow evil-doer to good (just for the fun of it), Turtle suddenly saw the light, and vowed that both her and her henchpixie would serve the side of good from here on out. Lex easily agreed and shifted her personal beliefs from Neutral to Good, just to be with Turtle.

    1. People's Spork 5000- a powerful, yet small fighting spork. It puts her on equal ground with other melee fighters, no matter how big. It is shatter proof. She recieved it as a gift from BRC.
    2. Pixie Dust- This dust can do many things: Make you uncontrollably happy, cause blindness, give you a bad bout of sneezing, or it can be balled up and used as a ranged sling bullet.
    3. She can also conjur three types of Carnivorous Chihuahua: Normal, Flying, and Flaming.
    4. She also has the power to change her aura at will. Most do not know that she is still Lawful Neutral.
    5. She has minor telepathic abilities. These are inhereted abilties for ALL amazon pixies.
    6. Royal Amazon Pixies are taught how to "POP" (teleport). When an Amazon Pixie POPs without concentration, she automatically reappears where she feels is home. You cannot POP when being physically held, or if you can't concentrate a little. Novice Amazon's can POP twice/day. The Queen can POP three/day.

    Armor: None. She'd fly nude, except that that there are lustful males around who don't know their place.

    Common Knowledge:
    1. Loves to bake cakes
    2. Is extremely loyal to whoever she is currently working for.
    3. Is nearly an expert at spork dueling, thanks to training by RHL, BRC, and Turtle.

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