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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Judy the Assassin
    Race: Human (I think)
    Class: Assassin/Ninja
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'4"
    Eyes: Bright Green
    Hair: None
    Affiliation: Good League of Good/One of Vespe's Traveling Companions.
    Power Level: 4

    Description: She looks to be a human of Asian descent. She has beautiful bright green eyes that stand out when she wears a mask. She is lean, and muscular, like Bruce Lee, except feminine. She is completely hairless. Not even eyebrows. Though she does pencil those in, as she feels very self-conscious, otherwise.

    Backstory: Judy was raised by a man called the Master. She knew very little about the outside world, except what she'd see on teevee, if it happened to be on while she was killing someone.

    While killing a small-time business man in his home, his young daughter walked in just as Judy slit his throat. The look on the girls face, just before Judy killed her, haunts her to this day. Which is when she started to gain a conscience.

    She was assigned to assassinate Nil, the then President of the Good League of Good. As she was studying her target, she learned of their intentions of redemption. Soon after, Annalee helped her join GLoG.

    During her stay she quickly met, and fell in love with (G) Vespe. They had a quick love affair, but at Turtle's wedding to Fanboy, (G) Vespe unveiled that it had all been a scam. He and (E) Vespe both attacked the bride and groom, then fled.

    Luckily, Judy had already fallen madly in love with Mint. A Devil who had come to GLoG with no memory. For a while, Judy, Mint, and (G) Vespe were a trio, but Judy couldn't stand to look at (G) Vespe after the wedding fiasco.

    During the Dr. LaRoth PLOT (Pt. 1), Judy left GLoG. She joined once again with (G) Vespe to travel time and space in their own adventures.

    1. Explosive Shuriken- She carries 10 of these during any battle scene. They explode upon contact. Can be used singularly for small blasts. Or together for a bigger bang.
    2. Daggers- She has two Vorpal Daggers. She usually cuts heads off with one swipe, but not always.
    3. Teleport Bracelet- Judy can teleport to anyplace that she's been to and knows the location of.
    4. CODEC Nanites- Judy can telepathically contact anyone who also has the nanites, like Vespe or even Mint. Though, Mint doesn't have CODEC Nanites.
    5. Silver Katana- She has a single Silver Katana, that she rarely uses. It radiates Mystic Power, but she has yet to unlock them.
    6. Judy is a skilled Ninja and doesn't need a weapon to do damage, normally.

    Armor: She wears ninja camouflage, which only conceals her.

    Common Knowledge:
    1. Loves the 1960's Earth Batman teevee show.
    2. She is very inexperienced, when it comes to social occasions. She likes being Neutral, rather than good or evil. Those choices are too limited.

    This is her, during Turtle's Wedding.
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