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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Sir Edward
    Race: Human
    Alignment: LN
    Age: He stopped counting so long ago that he can't remember, also traveling Dimensions means time flows differently, per each one.
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Hair: Dirty gray
    Height: 5' 6''
    ClassTwilight Paladin
    Power Level: 7
    Affiliation: What ever his Lord tells him. But his Lord is his true master.

    Description: A heavied full armored figure. With helm, Gauntlets, and metal shoes, that oddly have every color on them, flowing around and around without stop. Talks with a bit of odd fansioned accent. Sometimes his Lord effects his speech so he says odd words or things that don't make sense.

    Weapons/Magic: Seens to have far fewer Paladin spells, then most paladins of same level. Only weapon left, is a odd gray crystal sword. Known to have access to the Twiligh Coridors. Well not do anything that is not for his Lord. Have broken his own back in half when ordered to. Mind effecting don't work unless his Lord orders him to be affected.

    Armor: (Major Artifact) Gift of Loyalty, gives DR 20, Also can make immune to at least three attacks of any type for 6 seconds and then changes. First Two will automatically be blocked. Is unknown if has more ability's. Due to armors clever design getting critical hits are 5% harder and cutting off the head is 25% harder.

    Backstory: Strange intruding person that somehow got into a lot of the bases. Was searching for odd bones. Turns out was hunting for remains of his Lord. Afterwards after finding a few. Tried to get allies for trying to help his Lord rule the Town, and then move on to control the rest of the world, and then attack the New Town. Was thought to have died. But it seems he's back, and doing odd things again.

    Extra: Lives beyond the Town and the normal planes, and since his Lord can go almost anywhere so can he to follow him. Is not being an attacker this time. But still is up to something.
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