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    Danielle Eshter Williams

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Affiliation: GLoG
    Class (or approximation): Nomad
    Power Level: 5
    4'8 and 80 pounds of pure redheaded spunk
    Equipment and Abilities: Teleportation, psionics, limited shapeshifting. (Can assume Erin's form - )
    Backstory: Ask her. If you want your ear talked off and the hole whispered into.

    She's also a bit of an exhibitionist...

    Field Guide to the Superhuman and Supernatural Powers of Danielle Williams

    Teleporting: Dani can teleport herself, anything she is carrying, and anyone she is touching and consiously desiring to teleport along with her, for an indeterminate distance (estimated 1,000 miles) naturally, and, with enhancers, over unlimited range and even to other planes. This is not a pleasant experience for those other than Dani herself; it has been described as being "like being turned inside out upside down and backwards while being spun around both like a top and end over end inside a kalidoscope on LSD". After multiple teleports some immunity to the effects is built up but first-timers can expect to lose their lunch, at the very least; at least one person teleported by her wound up catatonic for hours.

    Teleporting multiple times repeatedly (approximately 5 teleports without rest, or 20 with short breaks in between) takes a lot out of Dani and she will need a hearty meal before returning making additional teleports.

    Accuracy is very good to excellent for places Dani has previously been; a favourite trick of hers is to appear in a bar squarely on a seat she's sat on before. Accuracy does not appear to degrade over distance, however teleporting to unfamiliar areas reduces it significantly. When teleporting to a location she has not previously been she prefers not to take anyone along with her due to the reduced accuracy; they might wind up falling. It is believed that her teleporting cannot materialise within another object, or the earth.

    Being psionic in nature, Dani's teleporting is not blocked by transport scramblers or anti-magic devices/spells. Anti-psionic devices/effects prevent the teleport from being initiated (if strong) or divert the teleport to the edge of the area of effect (if weak).

    Dani can also teleport small objects (sheets of paper, for instance) over short distances.

    Storm of Crystals: Dani can summon a swarm of razor-sharp astral crystals, which are flung at a target at high speed, slashing, lacerating and stabbitying the victim. Being hit by these is exquisitly painful and the wounds tend to bleed profusely.

    Dani can, with concentration, summon single crystals to her hand.

    Headaches: By concentrating on a target, Dani can, if she so desires, cause her selected victim to suffer a sudden, sharp headache. This is at the very least distracting, and can increase to the level of a migrane with sufficent concentration and/or vulnerability of the target.

    Touch Telepathy: This is a very weak power, and is not one Dani even knows she has yet. When with someone she has previoulsly been...intimate with, she can, if she is touching a part of the head with a part of hers, read surface thoughts, and communicate telepathically. She cannot over any range beyond literally head-to-head, and also cannot with anyone she has not been 'intimate' with.

    Metabolism and Immune System: Danielle has a hyperactive metabolism as a result of her powers, leading to her hyperactivity and her need to consume large quantities of food (and the ability to do this without gaining any weight). Her immune system is also hyperactive; she is incapable of becoming ill from virtually any mundane disease, and magical diseases will find their

    virtulence much reduced from its normal state. In addition, the effects of aging are even mitigated somewhat. The downside of this is that those who live fast, die young, and she knows she is likely to 'burn out' at some point. Burnout would result in immune system shutdown, rapid aging, and death

    Weapons Proficency: Dani is a very good shot with most projectile and energy weapons, although her fast metabolism and high-strung nature often throw off her aim slightly through slight tremors of the hand. With edged weapons she is passable, although due to her physical frailty she much prefers not to engage in combat with anything other than ranged weapons.

    Defensive Bracers: Dani wears a pair of bracelets that appear to be merely decorative red stones. These are, however, enchanted with protective spells, that are of a yet undetermined sort, but appear to function similar to the effects of Bracers of Armor.

    That heart-shaped necklace: Sometimes an amulet is just an amulet.
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