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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Libulel AnDaDunin

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human/River Fey/Lake Fey
    Age: 17
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class (or approximation): Scout/Ranger
    Description: A fairly tall young humanoid, with pale, almost luminous skin, and longish brunette curls, typically unkempt. Big, stormy-grey eyes, and a wiry physique. Slightly pointed ears, and quite a veiny body.
    Equipment and Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Hearing. The ability to walk on water, swim considerably faster, wall-crawl, and deliver poisonous stings from spurs in wrists and ankles. Retractable projectile "inner mouth", similar to dragonfly nymphs, can deliver painful bite, poison, and electric charge. Immunity to disease, and poisons, provided they are of natural origin. Able to jump at superhuman levels.
    Backstory: Born in a rural area of a primarily low-tech dimesion, to a river fey mother, and lake-fey/human father, who was killed by raiders. Raised by mother, and her kin, on the "female" boats, and generally despised for being male. When raiders came, he fled the boat-train, after seeing his familiy slaughtered, and, acquiring a message from his paternal granfather, came to GLoG, to find a new home.
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