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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Wenomir Rawicz
    Race: Demonblooded Human
    Occupation: Former Demonhunter(Fighter 6/Demonhunter 5 by D&D)
    Age: 31
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, used to try to become LG
    Backstory: Little is known of Wenomir's past. He used to be a warrior in some noble's retinue until something made him agree to take part in a dangerous alchemical experiment known as "Demonhunter project". This experiment involved injecting a group of individuals with demonic and devilish blood to turn them into perfect hunters with supernatural abilities. The experiment turned out to be a partial succes- only 40% of subjects survived, but they did become perfect killing machines capable of taking down demons that'd tear regular warriors of their skill apart. They were also neraly emotionless and obeyed their masters without question. At some point though, Wenomir's emotions began to go back. During a mission that involved cutting down some cultists who were merely misguided rather than corrupt, he snapped. He ran away without completing the task and vanished. Now he wants to stop being a killing machine and start living again. But his former masters aren't going to just let their weapon run loose.
    Apperance: Wenomir is a tall, wiry man. He's not particularily muscular, but quite athletic nevertheless. However, he's unnaturally gaunt and his eyes glow red. He's got an impressive collection of scars.

    Art by Vulion
    Abilities: Wenomir is a skilled swordsman in his own right, but he also posseses several abilities granted to him by his blood. He's extremely fast and agile as well as capable of evoking sudden bursts of demonic power that make him stronger, more resilient and blindingly fast for a while. His blood also gives him supernatural ability to resist mind control as well as banish outsiders. Wenomir's fighting style focuses on quick, precise slashes rather than stong blows. He has also learned how to deflect magic spells with his sword. He posseses an inherent hunter instinct, yet another trait of his blood, but it often doesn't work well because he's neither very bright nor used to creative thinking.
    Equipment: Wenomir's equipment include a magical grey scale armor(+1 Mithral Scale Armor), a black cloak and a powerful magical sword made by Yaza, Precise Workings in Gold
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