Huh. Lookit all these changes. Heh. The Town is dead.

Gender: Female
Race: Half Elf, half Drow (Half High Elf, half Ice Elf in Spire.)
Age: Older than she acts, younger than she claims to be
Affiliation: AMEN. Sort of.
Class (or approximation): Fighter/Barbarian gesalt
Power Rating (optional): 12 (she's always trying to get better, but usualy picks fights with people way tougher than her.)

Short even for her race, she's no more than four feet tall.

Backstory: Her tribe was killed by the Golden Gaurd, an order of Paladins, leaving Moon Called with a flaming distrust of all things calling themselves Good. Her sole driving motive is to revenge her family by killing the man who gave the order.
Miscellaneous: In addition to being a fighter, MC's also a pretty good diplomat, too. A necklace given to her by Saurous allows her to read minds and see around her.