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    Speaks in DarkGreen

    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown, looks human most of the time.
    Age: Unknown, looks 20ish most of the time.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Power Rating: 5 but may change as necessary

    Description: He is a being made mostly of light held together by magic (Like some sort of light golem). His default appearance is that of a small orb of light no larger than a marble, but he can change shape, size, and color. The form he uses the most is that of a tall human male in his late teens or early twenties, with light-brown (almost blond) long hair tied up in a ponytail. This shape is usually wearing black pants and a white button down shirt.

    Equipment: Since his equipment doesn't change shape when he does, he normally doesn't carry much. The only thing he carries is a small mundane dagger.

    Abilities: Can manipulate light, this can be used to create illusions and combined with an ability to make light corporeal is how he creates his body (and how he can hold stuff). This ability can be very powerful if used creatively (as he can pretty much create anything he wants anywhere he wants) but he is cowardly and always tries to choose the non fighting alternative.

    When in his ball of light form he has the ability to possess any nonliving object (magical and nonmagical, though magical can take a lot of time depending on the power of the object). When he does he can make said object levitate and fly and has total control on it's movement. He can also use any magical power it has (example: if he takes control of a magic wand that shoots lightning he can shoot lightning while controlling it). When inside an object he looses his ability to manipulate light and instead gains a new ability, this ability depends on the object that's being possessed and he has no idea which power he'll get once he possesses an item, so it's pretty much random unless its an item he has possessed before (it has to be the exact same item. No matter how much 2 daggers look alike they will both have different powers).

    Backstory: He doesn't remember his past, where he's from, how old he is or who his parents are. He doesn't even know what he is. All he remembers is his name, and that he was supposed to look for something.
    He spent years searching for it, not knowing where it was or why he was searching for it. All he knew was that he had to find it at any cost.
    He spent so many years searching for it that he no longer remembers when he started. Eventually he found what he was looking for, a simple low power artifact shaped like a coin. This artifact, unfortunately, revealed nothing of his past but gave him his ability to possess objects.
    So after so many years he was now without purpose and without answers. So he set out once more on an adventure and together with a group of evil and greedy beings he boarded the Haro Ponist where he would, without a doubt, find the thrill of adventure.

    Miscellaneous: Unknown to him he sometimes affects the minds of others when he gets close to them. This effects are random and create strong illusions that exist only on the victims mind. This illusions can be anything from seeing all greens as reds to making the victim believe he is dead.
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