Ravik Zarcoth
Gender: Male
Race: Devil spawn
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Fighter/bounty hunter
Description: Tall (aprox. 6' 3"), devil looking creature, usually wears a large trenchcoat, with a large broadsword across his back. dark Black eyes, blood red skin. Very muscular.
Equipment Large magical Broadsword, trenchcoat,
Abilities: can summon forth a large blast of hellfire by smashing his sword into the ground, and can shoot fireballs out of his hands every now and then. Has incredible intimidation. Can cast mend
Backstory: Not much is known from Ravik he defected from a major demon's army and has been on the run since. He is a freelance bounty hunter and is always up for something to kill for the right price.