Rekirts (Fullbladder)

Aliases: Fullbladder, K-Fullbladder, Fullbladder II
Affiliation: K-Corp (Destroyed)
Race: Goblin
Height: 6'6"
Class: Wizard, Rogue, Lazy Arse
Equipment and Abilities: This secondary Fullbladder lacks many of the dimensional powers that make the first Fullbladder who he is. He is, in fact, and ordinary mortal. He has some magical ability, but uses them mostly to craft an odd assortment of crossbow bolts, generally for the other Fullbladder. He has keen eye sight and a pair of Star Wars style blasters, which can be used Desperado style. This Fullbladder generally wears fine clothing with exra padding underneath, because of the crazy world he lives in.
Backstory: K-Fullbladder is the first of two clones of the AMENite Fullbladder, both made long ago before he came to the ACRONYMverse. The other is dead. Rekirts was dragged here by the same event that brought Fullbladder to ACRONYMverse, but neither will talk of it. He joined K-Corp because it was the best thing he could think of.

He is incredibly lazy.