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    Default The Introduction of magic into a D&D Economy

    Okay, here goes...

    This thread is an idea spawn from reading several posts on this thread. which gave me an idea.

    Those magical posts
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Simth View Post
    7 gold pieces per week = 1 gp per day. Assuming, for the moment, that he doesn't have a hut somewhere, just from the PHB, we can get...

    1) Common Inn Stay (5 sp/night)
    2) Common meals (3 sp/day)

    That's.... "a place on a raised, heated floor, the use of a blanket and a pillow" and "bread, chicken stew, carrots, and watered-down ale or wine"

    With 2 sp/day to spare.

    If the poor guy has a hut (free lodging), then he can purchase good meals (5 sp/day), and have 5 sp/day left over.

    If he's got a wife who can cook, clean, and maintain everything (Craft: Food, possibly Craft(Hut)... or no ranks and just takes 10 on a DC 10 task), then all he has to purchase is the actual materials - which are 1/3rd the cost of the base items. He's buying for two, but he's also paying less than half price - which means that 1 gp/day gets him good meals, again with a little left over.

    Quote Originally Posted by elliott20 View Post
    This is why magic needs to applied AFTER you've established a baseline non-magical economy, and then as you add more and more advance magic, the model becomes more and more sophisticated.

    So I decided to do exactly as Elliott said, and produce a base economy in which magic is gradually introduced into. Starting with 0th level and working gradually up to 9th.

    Following the base idea to Marxism, I decided to devide the world into three social classes.

    The Low- 1st level commoners who make the basic 8gp/week, they buy low to normal quality food for their families (and/or rent a room) and produce income which at most goes to buying tools for their trade and paying taxes up to the Middle and High. Minimal skill in profession and craft skills, often forced to take 10. Life expectancy is low, as clerics dont exist to heal things and living conditions are sub par

    The Middle- Higher level commoners, skilled in profession and craft skills. Make between 16 and 40 gp/week outside of producing goods on craft checks. Also includes the entertainment industry, which has high checks with decent ranks (12 ranks and +3 cha garuntees at least 1d10sp/night)

    The High- Diplomats, Intellectuals and other such people. NO skill ranks in profession and rarely ranks in craft.

    Note that the amount of magic wielding people is few, with about one mage/bard/druid/cleric per 30 people
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