Name: Amour
Other Names: Robert Kismet
Race: Diety
Gender: Male
Class: Diety. Or some kind of Bard/Artisan, I suppose.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral-ish.
Affiliation: None.
Age: Somewhere between 300 and 700 years old. Never explicitly stated. Looks to be in his mid twenties.
Default Appearance: Something like this most of the time. He also has four tatoos. A stylized broken heart over his heart, a Tragedy Drama Mask on his hip, winding musical measures down his right arm, and a large white rose from his stomach to the bottom of his neck.
Special Abilities: Generic Spell Powers, mastery over all things artistic, regardless of if they deal with the musical, dramatic, or visual.
Weapon of Choice: Magic
Weaknesses: Rabbit, and Melody, to a lesser extent. He enjoys the company of the two, and do much to make sure they don't come to harm.
Amour was born Divine, in his parents' realm. Strangely enough, his parents were about as normal as Gods can be. His father was a patron ruler of science, obsessed with knowing how everything worked and why. His mother was a woman of healing, completely devoted to coming up with cures for previously incurable curses and dieseses. Both powerful dieties who worked hard, neither parent had much time for Amour, who grew up an only child with no peers or friends. As such, he was a very sad and lonely child. To waste the time, he would paint. He discovered he had quite an aptitude for it, as well as other forms of creation.

This interested Amour, and he began embracing all aspects of the arts, taking to singing and teaching himself musical instruments. His parents viewed his pursuits with detached distaste. They had no time for Amour's "childish skills", as his father once put it. Despite this, Amour continued his art, and by the time he was a physical teenager, he had already created a small realm to store them. One day however, when he responded a bit too apathetically to his father's request to help him with some scientific exploration, his parents destroyed the realm, taking all the art Amour had created over the years with them.

He was broken-hearted. Sheltered, with no real contacts at all, and with his one passion squashed by his parents, he could tolerate it no more. Amour conjured a chest, and withdrew his divinity, hiding its physical manifestation inside and leaving his life behind to try existance as a mortal, assuming the moniker of Robert Kismet.

Though he hadn't had anything resembling life experience, Amour was bright, and learned nearly everything he needed in under a year, just from watching people in taverns and inns. Despite the newfound world wisdom, he still was lonely, and unhappy. His parents fussed for him to come home, and he was close to relenting, and joining them once more, when a young woman walked into his life.

Her name was Vrai, and she was an actress in a drama troupe that traveled around, performing original and established works. Amour met her purely by accident, having been hanging around outside the theater, eating his lunch. She'd been running out and slipped on some ice, falling from the ledge. Amour caught her, and after she blushed and apologized, the two got to talking, discovering they had many common interests. Vrai and Amour became fast friends, and she introduced him to all of her fellow actors in the troupe.

Amour was happy, having a score of new friends. He acted in a few performances, at Vrai's insistance, and honed his music skills even more. One night, Vrai burst into his inn room, her face streaked with tears. Amour asked her what was the matter, and she told him that one of the other actors, who she had been seeing, had left her, grabbing his things, calling her nasty and unsavory names, and slamming the door. Amour didn't press her for information, holding the crying girl to him, stroking her hair. Eventually, her cries gave way to sniffles, which gave way to quiet whimpers. She stayed the night in Amour's bed, and he read by candlelight at his desk.

In the morning, Vrai shyly thanked him for listening and left. A few days later, Amour visited the drama rehersal room with his guitar. He sat in the back room, playing quietly. He lost track of time, and was jolted out of his dreamlike state by Vrai's voice.

That's beautiful Robert. Did you write it? She asked shyly. He nodded. Yes, it's one of mine. She breathed in, eyes wide. It's amazing. What was your inspiration? Amour shrugged. Oh come on, you must have had something. She pressed. He shrugged again. Please, tell me? Amour sighed If you must know, I was thinking about our first meeting when I wrote it. He said, diverting his eyes. After a few moments, Vrai walked over and hugged him. That's sweet. She pressed a kiss to his cheek, before leaving.

Amour blushed slightly, before picking up his things and heading back to his room. The weeks that followed were similar, filled with light flirting from Vrai, until Amour finally asked her, in his most sarcastic voice, if she had any intention of ever doing anything more than kissing his cheek and calling him sweet. In response, she grabbed him and kissed his lips forcefully. As she pulled away, she giggled, and Amour laughed as well.

Though an odd start, it was the beginning of their relationship. They grew very close, and serious, Vrai often spending nights with Amour. Amour was in true bliss. He had friends, a love, all he could ever want right there. And he was content to live, and eventually die, as a mortal.

Unfortunately, one day he returned home to find the inn burned to the ground, the charred skeletons of the guests lying half buried in the dirt. Knowing Vrai had been inside all day, Amour was completely destroyed. He couldn't even function for days, lying in the rehersal room, immobile. Finally, a thought occured to him. As a mortal, he had no way of bringing his love back to life, but as a god...He sprung up and ran for hours until he reached the site where he had hidden the chest. He opened it, and saw that it was empty.

It was then that his parents appeared to him. His father said that he was a disgrace to the family, and didn't deserve anything he had been given. His mother was somewhat more understanding, saying that his hobbies were fine, and that his mortal life was educational, but he needed to come home. Amour agreed, and demanded his power back. His father, who held the divinity, withheld it. He stated that he would only return it if Amour swore to remain away from the mortal land. Amour agreed, and his power was restored.

His first action was to ressurect Vrai, and the other dead inn guests, with the intention of imparting a bit of his power to Vrai, allowing her to live in the Divine realms. His father, more powerful, blocked the action, and Amour was forced to watch, for years, as Vrai searched for him, for Robert Kismet, eventually giving up, growing old, and dying again, of old age.

Unlike her first death, her second did not cause Amour as much grief, for at least she had a full life, even if he wasn't part of it. He requested from his parents that he be allowed to keep a temple, and his mother granted his request, expecting him to reign as a god of something practical. Amour's first action was instating himself as God of The Arts, and the power he gained from his worshippers stopped his parents from taking anything else away from him.

He cut off all contact with them, and lived in the temple. The temple was destroyed by a trio of gods, led by Nerull three times. Amour finally set up the temple for the fourth time in The Town. He soon became friends with Rabbit, Melody, and Vespe (whom he considers a friend, even if Vespe doesn't).
Other characteristics: Despite not wanting much to do with romance and love anymore, Amour is something of a closet romantic, likely due to his interest in poetry and music. Not suprisingly, he is also rather lonely, or was at least, before he met new friends in the Town.