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    Sleeping Goddess Discipline

    Every warrior has many weapons at his disposal. Few venture far without a trusty sword or axe, and the wise will keep a crossbow or a quiver full of arrows at their side. A concealed knife is a boon to any man at arms, and every soldier has his fists as a last resort. But there are some warriors who recognize that the greatest weapon any man can wield is the mind. Over ages, such men have learned to hone their mind alongside their body, and to fight with both at once. This school of combat, the Sleeping Goddess discipline, is not combat as many would think of it–rather than using physical force to overwhelm an opponent, the Sleeping Goddess discipline revolves around striking at the mind, not the body. A Sleeping Goddess adept strikes his deathblow not at the heart of his foe, but at the ideals and principles he devotes himself to, undermining his conceptual basis of reality. The Sleeping Goddess discipline’s associated skill is Autohypnosis, as a strong control over one’s own mind and body is essential to the school. The associated weapons of the Sleeping Goddess discipline are the bastard sword, quarterstaff, short sword, shortspear, and unarmed strike. In addition, any weapon created by a Sleeping Goddess maneuver is treated as a discipline weapon.

    Because the Sleeping Goddess discipline was never taught widely at the Temple of the Nine Swords or any similar center of training, most martial adepts do not know any maneuvers from it, or even know it exists. Only Swordsages or other martial adepts who possess a power point pool can learn maneuvers from the Sleeping Goddess discipline (Non-Swordsage adepts of the Sleeping Goddess discipline substitute their highest mental ability score for their Wisdom score when determining maneuver DCs). There are two ways to master the discipline. The first is to have been trained in it. If you choose to make a martial adept that has already been trained in the Sleeping Goddess discipline, you simply replace one discipline that adept could normally learn with maneuvers from with the Sleeping Goddess discipline. He loses the associated skill of the replaced discipline as a class skill, but gains Autohypnosis as a class skill.

    The other way is to seek out a master of the Sleeping Goddess discipline–a martial adept capable of using at least 5th-level maneuvers from the discipline–and training under him. You must train for a month under the master, and spend 1,000 xp at the end of your training. You gain the ability to learn maneuvers from the Sleeping Goddess discipline, and add Autohypnosis to your martial adept class’s list of class skills. In addition, you may exchange your maneuvers known for maneuvers of the Sleeping Goddess discipline. You may exchange one maneuver of each level, and the new maneuvers you learn must be of the same level as the exchanged maneuvers, unlike normal.

    Sleeping Goddess Maneuvers and Power Points
    The Sleeping Goddess discipline unlocks the power of the mind, allowing its adepts to tap into their psionic talent. You gain a reserve of power points equal to twice the number of Sleeping Goddess maneuvers, including stances, that you know. If you already have a power point pool, you add those points to it. If you do not have one already, then you gain a pool, and can take psionic feats, metapsionic feats, and psionic item creation feats. However, you do not gain the ability to manifest psionic powers, nor do you gain bonus power points unless you have levels in a manifester class.

    Augmenting Maneuvers
    Some Sleeping Goddess maneuvers can be augmented by spending power points, just like psionic powers. When spending power points to augment a maneuver, you cannot spend an amount greater than your manifester level or your initiator level, whichever is higher. This is a specific exemption to the rule that you can never spend more power points than your manifester level.
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