1st level
Battle Mantra: Stance–Regain one power point with each successful attack.
Harmony-Shattering Strife: Strike–Attack deals +1d6 damage on failed Will save.
Ego-Wounding Strike: Strike–Attack causes victim to believe it is crippled and take a -2 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks.

2nd level
Adamant Will: Counter–Gain deflection bonus to AC equal to your Wisdom modifier against one attack.
Call the Heart’s Blade: Boost–Create a weapon of emotions.
Mind Revealed in Battle: Strike–Attack deals +2d6 damage and allows you to read surface thoughts.

3rd level
Inexorable Embrace of Sleep: Strike–Attack puts victim into a trance.
Dreams of Future Strife: Boost–Add your Wisdom modifier to an initiative check.
Thoughts Flow Like Blood: Stance–Foes who damage you suffer empathic pain.

4th level
Becoming the Perfect Warrior: Boost–Gain bonus feats and temporary hp.
Quicksilver Puppetry: Strike–Attack deals +4d6 damage and implants false sensory input into victim’s mind.
Soul-Crushing Mien: Counter–Gain a +5 bonus on Will saves against a mind-affecting-ability and stun its user with psychic backlash.

5th level
Call the Mind’s Blade: Boost–Create a weapon of dreams.
Quicksilver Dream Metamorphosis: Stance–Become a being of dreamstuff.
Reshape the Sculpted Mind: Strike–Attack deals 1d4 damage to a mental ability score, inflicts a mental disorder.

6th level
Ascend the Quicksilver Stairway: Boost–Gain temporary power points equal to your initiator level and psionic focus.
Dreaming Nomad Strike: Strike–Teleport and attack multiple enemies.
Self Beyond the Self: Strike–Attack an enemy, gain control of their body for one round.

7th level
Death of the Self: Counter–Make an Autohypnosis check to negate an attack or spell.
Psyche-Maiming Strike: Strike–Attack psychically cripples its victims.
Shatter the Ordered Mind: Boost–Attacks deal mental ability damage.

8th level
Call the Soul’s Blade: Boost–Create a weapon of ideals.
Reality-Defying Metamorphosis: Stance–Become a being of manifest thought.

9th level
Battle in Dreams: Create a psychic battlefield and draw all enemies into it.