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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Cat Human
    Alignment: Confused
    Class: Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire!
    He's a Russian Blue cat with a penchant for treasure and occasional mischief. Some changes lately.
    Quote Originally Posted by kaelaroth
    Merely a man. A really, really amazing man. Screw Jazirian, Harth, Fanboy, even... Wait. He's probably, in fact, the most attractive humanoid to have ever walked the universes, in an over-hyped, inhuman, Stephenie Meyer described, kinda way. Take Amour’s intrigue (without the weird loner, and lover, issues), Nomlas’ boldness (without the uncouth idiocy, and ignoring the occasional bouts of OMG-cowardice), Vespe’s flair (without the moral weakness – don’t try and deny it), Butler’s sexiness (without the overtones of rank easiness), Fanboy’s gothic impressiveness (without the tendency to get on your nerves), and everyone else good looking you can think of’s attractiveness (without that ugly stench of mortality). He has slightly pointed ears, pale, almost luminous skin, big, red-pink eyes, lacking pupils, and a wiry, muscular physique, that screams effortlessness. He's flaming hawt.
    Or... not.
    Equipment and Abilities:
    He always carries around his sniper rifle which he received from *scrubbed*, who apparently got it from some place called Immoren. He also has his lucky star which doubles as some minor mental protection. The more valuable the memories or emotions to him, the stronger the protection. The lucky star is currently lost. His sniper was thrown off a cliff. Most other equipment he needs he uses simple translocation spells to transfer to him from a safe place when it's needed. How else do you expect cats to carry these type of things? The artifacts and cursed items he collects are in another place, though, separate from his utility stash.
    He's supposedly a good shot with his rifle, and excels at most things you'd expect a cat to excel at: stealth, reconnaissance, being random on occasion and aloof on others, getting in trouble, etc. He also has some minor spells.
    Backstory: Found here. 3 posts down.
    Miscellaneous: He doesn't use his rifle all that much, being a pacifist unwilling to harm others if he can help it. Is trying to destroy the multi-verse with Calublufiok's help. Doesn't make him too many friends, but apparently being cute gets him enough bonus points to stay alive.

    Theme song: The End of the World
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